About us


25 years ago Marie-Paule DEFACQUE, who had a passion for jam, decided to market its production.

At that time the sole jam-producer in Picardy (north of France), Marie-Paule had the opportunity to meet people interested in her range of products, it was then the beginning of an activity in its own right.

In 1995, the first Festival of Jams in Salouel (Amiens, Picardy) allows her to rub shoulders with professional jam-producers.

Thanks to the experience and the quality of her products, Marie-Paule obtains her first prices during this show which bring her the fame.

Originality in addition …

En 2000, sa belle-fille, Sophie DEFACQUE la rejoint dans la confection et la production de confitures. Ensemble elles élargissent la gamme de produits en proposant de nouveaux parfums tous plus originaux les uns des autres.


2002: Award of the Golden Panache
2004: Golden medal in Paris
2007: Award of the best jam-producers of France
2012: Top award of the international culinary association

In 2013 they won the first prize of the national competition of Beaupuy (France) ” Les confituriades “, which leads them to the title of the best world jam-producer, thanks to three jams: ” Delight of peaches “, ” Peaches and  seabuckthorn ” and the famous ” Strawberry with macaroons of Amiens “.